Carmel Attic Sale

September 9, 2017 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Fellowship Hall

We now have a dedicated space to house early donations!
If you have items to donate, please stop by the church office to grab a key and Darlene will direct you to the Attic Sale Room. For large items such as furniture, please contact Gretchen 704-942- 1607 or Julia at 704-302-4453 and we will arrange pick up. We are off to a great start with inventory, but we need lots more stuff to have a successful sale!
How can you get involved?
We are in need of “Category Coordinators” who can take the lead with organizing items in the following categories: Adult Women’s Clothing (the Boutique!), Adult Men’s Clothing, Books and Music, Tools, Lawn Care and Auto, Jewelry and Accessories, Seasonal Holiday Décor, Kitchen Related items, and Linens (please note we have already secured Coordinators for Children’s Clothing/Toys, Furniture and Home Décor).
While much of the preparation for the Attic Sale will occur the week leading up to it, Category Coordinators will be able to work well ahead of the Sale date at their convenience with organizing and pricing since we’ve started receiving donations early!
We are also in need of someone to organize the “Silent Auction” of specialty items, which happens in conjunction with the Attic Sale. Contact Gretchen or Julia for questions and claim your category! Thank you to members who have already donated to the Attic Sale and who have already pledged your help!