Drive Thru Christmas


The annual Carmel Presbyterian Drive-Thru Christmas is a dramatic representation of the major events related to the birth of Jesus Christ. Beginning with the biblical account of the prophecy of Christ’s birth and ending with the manger and celebrating the birth, the live scenes depict the greatest story ever told. Involving a large cast, these scenes depict the biblical significance of the baby in a manger. Come experience a living representation of the story that led to God’s gift of salvation.

Drive Thru Christmas is experienced from the comfort of your car. Guest should enter from the Carmel Road entrance. Upon arriving you will be directed to the line of cars waiting to enter the beginning of the scenes.

Audio from your car is used to narrate the story as you progress through the scenes. A roman soldier will great you and provide directions on the audio. You can elect to either use a CD or an mp3 file that can be downloaded to your smartphone. The soldier will help you decide. After you receive the CD another roman soldier will direct you on how to begin the drive thru.

At the end of the drive please return your CD. You and your family are also invited to enjoy refreshments in our Fellowship Hall and visit with the many hard workers that make the Drive Thru possible.

For more information or questions please contact the Church office.