I’m New

Welcome to Carmel Presbyterian!

We know looking for a Church isn’t easy. The search for a church home involves carefully considering how each Christian community can fill your family’s spiritual and fellowship needs. We understand at Carmel how consuming this process is and we want to provide you with all the information we can to help. We encourage you to read through this information, ask questions by contacting us, and coming into visit with our staff and our members.

What should I expect when I first visit Carmel?

First, expect to be welcomed warmly by Carmel members and staff. Our congregation is friendly and always excited to greet new faces. Our motto is to be “All In” for Christ and this extends to offering a warm greetings backed by a passion to spread the wonderful news of salvation.

What is the Worship Experience Like?

The service begins with a greeting from Interim Pastor Bill Wood followed by contemporary music from our Praise Team. The music is followed by a combination of children’s time, prayers, hymns and offerings. Pastor Wood will then provide the morning’s message which will encourage, nurture and challenge spiritual growth. We end the service as we began it, in fellowship outside the doors enjoying each others company.

When Should I Arrive?

Plan to arrive at Carmel about 10-15 minutes before the service begins at 10:30 a.m. That should give you plenty of time to park, get acquainted with the campus, drop younger children in their classrooms, and perhaps grab a cup of coffee with members. Music will signal the introduction to the service and we’ll help you know exactly when to take a seat in the sanctuary.

What Type of Music?

We blend contemporary with traditional at Carmel. At the beginning of the service we have several contemporary songs selected by the Praise Team. Later there will be a selection of hymns.

What Should I Wear?

There is no dress code at Carmel. We encourage everyone to dress as God calls them for worship. You will see everything from casual to suit and tie. No one is there to judge your attire. Your family’s visit is what we are happy to see!

What About Our Kids?

Not to worry! We’ve got the kids covered. There is a nursery for infants and toddlers in the Fellowship Hall. For children of 3 to first grade we offer Worship Readiness. Just bring the children into the service and we will call them to go to class. Want to keep your children with you? No problem, it’s your preference.

This Fluff is Great, But Where Do I Find What You Stand For?

Our website provides our major tenants and beliefs. We’d recommend you start on the About Carmel page where you can find introductions to our staff, our beliefs, our mission and our associations. If you still need more detail contact us.

You’ve Got Me Interested, But I Have More Questions

That’s great! Then simply call us or send us an email. A staff member, Deacon, Elder or member will be happy to reach out and answer any questions you might have.