Our Pastor

Dave McKechnie, Interim Pastor

Meet Peter McKechnie (Muh-Kek-Nee) – Carmel’s Pastor!

One glance at his resume and you’ll see that, along with years in traditional ministry, Peter has embraced adventures working in Apple retail, as an Area Director in the nonprofit world of disability outreach, and most recently as Store Manager for Jos.A.Bank Clothiers in Knoxville, Tennessee.

God’s leading from under the steeple (Church) to out with the people (World) has earned Peter what he calls an honorary “Masters in the Human Condition.”  Coming alongside folks from all walks of life, faiths, and ethnicities, it’s deepened his empathy, broadened his understanding of competing worldviews, reaffirmed the common touch of Christ, and underlined the anchoring role the Church still holds in a broken world.  It’s been a long and winding road.

As Peter says, in his own words: “Imperfection is the prerequisite of Grace, and I’m living proof.  Cresting into my 50’s, I’ve felt a deep need to take stock of my life, to give an honest look at both my best and broken moments.  A wave of spiritual growth has come through tracing God’s hand over my past, mapping His consistency.  A soulful gratitude for His providence and provision stirs me.  Wincing and laughing and wondering how I ever made it through, I am reminded of something I read:  We’re all rough drafts of the people we’re becoming.”

On a family note, Peter’s greatest achievement is as father to two incredible boys!  Baker (15) loves everything from boardgames to reading to playing keyboards with his youth group’s worship band, while Bo (11) is all about Star Wars and Legos and his cat, Mallory. The three of them together love cruising Barnes & Noble, eating at Chipotle, swimming pools, family trips to the beach and snow skiing.