Our Staff

Darlene Conroy
Office Manager
Multi tasking is an understatement when talking about Darlene. The demands placed on any church office is unbelievably overwhelming, and Carmel Church is no exception. Darlene fields requests that come in fast and furious - and from many areas of the church. Between scheduling staff, department heads and committees to keeping track of church finances, to information needed for the Sunday bulletin and e-Blasts, to organizing the avalanche of information (both digital and paper) it's hard to see how she can keep up. Beyond just keeping up, Darlene always has a kind word for all who come to the church office. We are deeply honored to know and love her, and you will to if you'll take time to stop by and say "hi".

Call the Church Office:

(704) 366-5114

Jacob Hare
Interim Worship Leader
Carmel is fortunate to have a gifted and talented musician, audio/video engineer and graphics designer serve as our worship leader. Using his gifts, Jacob supports Carmel by leading the Praise Team, Sanctuary Choir and designing graphics for sermon series.