Weekday School

We believe each child is a child of God and therefore worthy of love, acceptance, and support.  By modeling Christian love with a variety of activities and flexible teaching methods, our staff is able to nurture and enrich the self-esteem of God’s littlest ones.  Our desire is to grow well-rounded preschoolers that leave our program happy, confident, with a good self-image, and eager to learn.  That’s what the preschool years are all about, as we lay foundations that a child will continue to build as they grow.

We strive to expand the child’s world through art, creative play, music, drama, exploration of the natural world, and storytelling, as well as the beginning concepts of colors, shapes, numbers, and letters.  Children learn best by “doing” – exploring, questioning, problem solving, and creative play.  Each room is a place where the child is invited into an atmosphere of experiential learning through play.  We try to give children time to be children.  They will never again be preschoolers and their work is their play!  This program seeks to provide an atmosphere where each child can safely but freely explore talents, skills, and interests.

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