Men’s Retreat to Santee, SC

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Carmel’s annual men’s relaxing weekend fishing and golfing re­treat took place the second weekend in June. Once again, our group were guests at the spacious lake- front home of Glenn Huggins, hidden away from near-by Manning, SC. Some of the men at the retreat were supposedly noted for their record catches (?) of crappie and brim, others for their low
handicap (?) golf gamesThose making the two and a half hour trip from Charlotte included Bret Bur­quest, Trent Courtney, Bill Dominick, Charlie Tricebok, Dan Zidaroff, Mike and Matt Hildreth, Howard Meredith, Bob Scull and host Glenn Huggins.
Upon arriving Friday in Man­ning during at the lunchtime hour, the group enjoyed the BBQ buffet at D&H Barbecue. Our guys embarrassed themselves with the number of trips to the buffet line for more fried chicken and desserts.
Upon arriving at the house and our gear unloaded, the relaxing conversation start­ed as we all sat down in the cool breeze and discussed nap needs after eating so much. Soon, the fishing poles came out and the golfers headed to the course. In the evening, we enjoyed a simple and delicious meal of sandwiches/chips and dessert. This was fol­lowed by Mike Hildreth’s movie selection — the western comedy “They call me Trinity”.
Saturday morning started with the early risers, the golf crew of Mike, Matt, Trent and Glenn, off to an early tee-time. The others (late sleepers anonymous) either snoozing or worming up their hooks. Being in the golf group that decided to play a second 18 holes, I don’t really know if any fish were actually caught, alt­hough there were numerous tales of sardines and monster turtles being extracted from the lake.
Saturday evening dinner was another Bill Dominick masterpiece of “Frog-More” stew, a low country boil, and fantastic homemade peach cobbler lathered in vanilla ice-cream. With an hour or so of daylight remaining, the group took a boat ride, expertly captained by Bret Burquest. Returning safely back to the house, the Satur­day evening
movie selec­tion was, with Mike’s excellent guidance, was the sequel to Friday’s movie, “They still call me Trinity”.
After a long day, and late hour, the snores quickly engulfed the whole house. 
Sunday morning devotion was focused upon the heart of father­hood. Drawing scripture from Colossians, Proverbs, Ephesians and Matthew. Then, in a blink of an eye, the weekend time had come to a close.  All expressed having a relaxing and great time.
Men of Carmel, why not take the opportunity to have a great time with your church friends next summer. We encourage you to join us for the next Santee adventure. You can participate in fishing, boating, water skiing, horse shoes, golf or just relaxing and en­joying Christian fellowship. Once you go, we think you will have a hard time not returning in years to come.