Room In the Inn 2017

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RRoom In the Inn Tableoom In The Inn (Or RITI) at Carmel is a team-based outreach program. The mission is to do God’s will by providing hospitality to homeless men (or neighbors). This includes providing a warm and safe place to the spend the night, the offer of washing and drying their clothes, providing a dinner meal, a breakfast meal and a bag lunch. Also provided is an opportunity to pray and fellowship with the Carmel volunteers or team members. Carmel provides the transportation for the neighbors – picking them up in the church bus (about 5 P.M.) at the Urban Ministry Center (just north of downtown Charlotte) and returning them early the next
morning to the Transportation Center in downtown Charlotte by 6 A.M. The logistics for each session requires the work and cooperation of many volunteers. Team members drive the bus, bring out the mattresses, pillows, linens, towels and wash cloths from storage, make the beds, arrange sleeping areas with chairs and bins for clothes, setup the eating area with tables, chairs, eating utensils, etc., Prepare the food, serve it to the neighbors and cleanup the kitchen and eating areas. Also of note is that ALL food has been donated or provided by the team members and participating groups. After each session there is a lot of work to put away the sleeping supplies, gather the laundry (sheets, pillowcases, blankets, robes, etc) and take the laundry to be cleaned.

The season has just ended with the last session on March 20. The wonderful dinners were from The Men’s Breakfast Group, Godbold/Hildreth Group, Boy Scout Troop #79, Joe Figard Chef Group, Carmel Youth Group, Girl Scout Troop #79 and Girl Scout Troop #1379. As the coach of this team I would like to thank our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for making this possible and for the team players that participated.

We should also continue to pray for the neighbors that visited Carmel. We prayed with them, we ate with them, we sang with them, we danced with them, we laughed with them and we cried with them. What a great bunch of men these were! These photos were taken on nights the Girl Scouts helped.