Drive Thru Christmas
at Carmel Church

Cancelled December 10th
due to inclement weather

Still on for December 11th
From 6:00PM till 8:00PM each night.
Free to all who come

Take a drive back in time to a place where God became flesh.

Take a drive back in time to a place where God became flesh.

A 12 minute journey, a glimpse into eternity.

A Savior is born…

Carmel Church - Drive Thru Christmas

Here is a link to the audio track for Drive Through Christmas.

Please pause the audio track while you are in line.

A Roman soldier will cue you on when to begin playing the sequenced audio track that will guide you through the event.

Alternatively, you can play it directly from the player below:


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A message from the Pastor

Linda and I are excited about being part of the Community of Faith known as Carmel Presbyterian Church. We are called to be part of the Body of Christ.

That means we each have a role to play in the Lord’s Redemptive Program.  As Beckett said, all of us want to leave, ‘A stain on the silence’.  God’s grace enables us to be flesh and blood practitioners of hope.

At Carmel, you can count on inclusion, impact and affection.  Together we are invited to dream something big enough so that unless God is in it, it is impossible and will fail.  Your input on that dream is welcome.

Dave McKechnie
Interim  Pastor