About Carmel

Who Are We?

Carmel Presbyterian is led by Interim Pastor Ernest Gardner. In worship and church life Ernest provides a passionate message that as stewards of Christ the members of Carmel Presbyterian should strive to be “All In” for God. His weekly message has a clear focus, revealing the truths of scripture and their relevancy in a broken world.

Carmel offers a convergence of traditional and contemporary worship and small group studies for adults, youth and children. It is the commitment of Carmel to be a home to those that seek God. With an open heart we welcome visitors to see how God works through our congregations and makes us stewards for His word.

Our Beliefs

Carmel strives to follow the simple tenants created by Jesus Christ. We have written those beliefs down to remind us of both the love and demands God has placed on each of us. Through the bible we come together in celebration, love, and commitment to Jesus.

Our Mission

A mission of the church is its place and purpose in the world as expressed by its members. Carmel is dedicated to fulfilling its mission through worship, prayer, outreach, and missional work.

Our Staff

Carmel’s staff is a dedicated group supporting the congregation in its spiritual growth and the programming of the Church. Learn more about each of them.

Our Officers

Carmel’s members are its greatest asset. The church relies on the dedication and work of its congregation including its officers, the Elders and Deacons.